About Audingo

Audingo was founded in November of 2010 by CEO Michael Boukadakis, a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully built voice processing technology companies VoiceXpress, VEXIS Systems, Call Analytics, and Enacomm. Audingo is a pioneer in the social mobile media space, offering an innovative platform that lets users interact with their favorite personalities and organizations via personalized audio and video content delivered directly to users' mobile devices.

Michael has been involved in the computer and voice technology industries for the past 35 years. Beginning his career at IBM and Wang, he successfully transitioned to founding and serving as CEO of voice processing technology companies: VoiceXpress, VEXIS Systems, Call Analytics, and Enacomm.

For the past 25 years, Michael has successfully guided his businesses and Fortune 50 customers in maneuvering an ever-changing technological landscape. Michael currently owns and serves as CEO of Enacomm, Inc., a national IVR hosting organization specializing in Cash Card, Financial, Government, Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and Transportation industries.

He is considered an expert in voice processing and call center technologies and is a frequent keynote speaker at financial and call center conferences and seminars.